About Us

Mess Maker Studios is a children’s process art studio.

What does that mean? It means we value the learning process more than the end product.


We get messy, we explore, we use our imagination and reasoning skills to process all of this and mostly, we have fun while we do it! There are so many ways to expand your mind!


Being an artist is so much more than being "artsy". Artists are risk takers, researchers, problem solvers and explorers. You learn to be resourceful and creative while thinking quick on your feet. How many times in life would that be a useful skill? Answer: Most of the time. 


We want to teach your child to THINK like an artist. If we teach them how to do that, we get the pleasure of finding out what they are really capable of!


Meet the teacher!

Christian Gochenour



Hello! I am the big mess maker in the studio. I bet you can find paint on my hands, feet or hair any time you see me!

I started working with children when I was 16 years old and have never stopped. I have been an after-school program director, a pre-k teacher, a nanny, a Sunday school teacher, a graphic designer and now a mom to three little mess makers of my own. After spending years of hosting workshops, parent night outs, mom meetups, birthday parties and baby showers, I decided a studio of my own was needed!   


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